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Central Kentucky’s #1 Choice

The Rock Cleaning Service is a local, family owned and operated company. We have proudly been servicing Central Ky communities for over ten years. Being in business since 2008 has enabled us to establish our name as a trusted and reliable cleaning company, The Rock CS has the capability to service any one from a commercial real estate development company to a single mother living in a one bedroom apartment. Our extensive background in working with realtors, property management companies, real estate development companies and residences has allowed us to learn through out the years that although every company and person is different, they all want the same thing, good quality service at a fair price. That is what THE ROCK CLEANING SERVICE is built on. Good quality cleaning service at a fair price.

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Long before we were formally established and had a name, our clients were the only advertisement we had. The hard work ethic and great customer service qualities, The Rock Cleaning Service is known for, can be traced back to our founder Ana Hernandez, the one who started it all. After arriving to the U.S. she began cleaning homes and hotels with her sister in law, who taught her english and everything else she needed to know about the cleaning industry. She moved up into management before deciding to go out on her own. With no formal schooling, she jumped right into business with nothing but her experience, hard work ethic and faith, the rest is history. As a local company established in Lexington KY, our main focus has been, is and always will be an unrivaled quality of service and amazing customer service, because at the end of the day, our clients are OUR reputation.

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Our Easy Process

You have a busy life, don't overcomplicate even more by trying to figure out who will clean your home or what day and time they are available. Our easy online booking software allows YOU to decide when we clean.

Finally, A cleaning service built around your schedule.


Our Three Point Method


We prepare our team by assigning each team member with a specific role and tasks. Our trained team plans out a step by step process tailored to your home enabling us to clean your home efficiently and thoroughly.


In order to ensure nothing is missed, each member is assigned and is accountable for the list of task and designated area in your home. Each team also has a team leader on site ALWAYS, who’s role ( apart from cleaning ) is to double check every area and answer any questions or concerns you may have.


We have a VERY STRICT policy in regards to clients privacy. We respect your privacy by not peeking or snooping around in your personal belongings. You can rest assured knowing that each member of our crew has only two priorities, clean your home and maintain a strict compliance with our client’s privacy.