If you own or manage an airbnb , or several , you know how difficult and time consuming cleaning the property after every guest can be. You have a tight schedule to clean all your airbnb properties, especially when your guest leave in the morning and the new guest are arriving in the afternoon, all at once. Let our team take that load off your hands and give you the peace of mind, besides you have a business to run and a life to live.


What our cleaning includes

Clean Kitchen & Bathroom

Dust all furniture & remove of all cobwebs

Wipe down all light switches & fixtures

Wash bed linens and towels

Sweep and mop all floors

Vacuum carpet & rugs

Restock Toiletries

Change bed linens

Change out trash bags

*For any additional service please contact us.

* Additional rates apply for cleaning inside the Refrigerator, oven and kitchen cabinets.